Which form of growth motivates you?

Cut the umbilical cord to everything that helped you gain success

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One of the things we learn at a tech startup is, there is a measurable difference between an interesting idea, and a true innovation.

The former is when our idea creates incremental improvements to an existing problem. Which is important and helpful, but not necessarily innovative.

The latter is when our idea elevates the whole organization to the next level. When we initiate something that can be fully integrated into the company and lead to increased profitability across the board.

Interestingly enough, this same distinction can be applied to our personal corporations as well. Because we make a lot of changes in our lives that are useful improvements. And that’s great. But we must also know that true transformation, literally meaning to go beyond form, is the only way to elevate ourselves to the next level.

Gross wrote a remarkable book on this very issue. Her research on personal reinvention focused on individuals who were convinced that it was impossible to exist in any other way. These were people who refused, either consciously or subconsciously, to cut the umbilical cord to everything that helped them gain success in the past.

Sounds familiar.

Who among us can’t relate to that experience of identity stubbornness? After all, as long as we’re playing the game effectively, why question the need to play it? Why rock our own boat?

It depends. Everybody grows differently.

Some people long to transform, others are content simply making changes.

Which form of growth motivates you?

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Scott Ginsberg
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