Which of your wells are you unwilling to admit has finally run dry?

Nature is cruel but not evil

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How can we tell if our well has run dry?

A good driller would tell us to look for the obvious signs.

Low pressure, long wait time between spurts, sediment in the water, air coming out of the faucet, dirty tasting liquid, over running pumps, dropping levels on the gauge and neighbors complaining about having the same problems.

If we notice any combination of those symptoms, odds are, we have ourselves a dry well. Nature doesn’t lie.

What’s interesting is, when the metaphorical wells of our lives run dry, we reject that reality. Despite the visible, obvious and unarguable symptoms, we retreat into a psychological fortress of denial.

We convince ourselves that there simply must have been some kind of gross misunderstanding, technical oversight, misplaced communication or some accidentally deleted email.

What’s more, because of our high expectations around being happy and being loved, when we suddenly aren’t, we go into a rage. And then misguided persistence takes over as we drive ourselves crazy going back to a dry well thinking there’s water.

Believing with all our hearts that if we just focus more and dig deeper and try harder and use different tools, it’s only a matter of time before that girl call us back or that prospect signs up or that recruiter makes us an offer.

As a consultant friend of mine used to say, I will persist until you die or hire me.

Admirable, but there’s a clear difference between not giving up and pulling down a curtain of denial in your mind.

If the well has clearly run dry, and noblest efforts to prime the pump have failed repeatedly, perhaps it’s time to surrender to the dirt and get on with our lives.

To let go of what we think we deserve, to let go of fairness and unfairness, to let go of a process that’s been good to us, to let go of the places where we’re not the right fit, and to let go of what is no longer working.

True emotional freedom.

And the good news is, once we take ownership over it, we can use it as energy to find water somewhere else.

Which of your wells are you unwilling to admit has finally run dry?

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