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Compassionate surrender, indeed

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There’s a difference between compassionate surrender and callous resignation.

The former is participative, creating a posture of love and kindness and trust and gratitude. Compassionate surrender means allowing the process to have its way with you and trusting that wherever it takes you will be exactly where you need to be.

Callous resignation, on the other hand, is disconnected, creating a posture of frustration, coldness, acquiescence and apathy. Foolishly turning a blind eye to the truth to maintain some superficial sense of peace.

Here’s how I’ve seen this distinction play out in my own life.

During times of callous resignation, I would find myself sleeping half the day away and isolating myself and constantly monitoring my moods and announcing the word whatever so many times that I flushed all of the hope out of my system.

But during times of compassionate surrender, I would find myself taking risks and feeling alive and trying new things and getting out of the house and empowering myself with hope and connection.

Once I made that crucial transition, things suddenly turned a corner. Because I chose to joyfully tap into the rhythm of life, instead of protecting myself from actually feeling it.

The big secret is, I didn’t make that decision alone. Thankfully, I’m sharing my life with someone who will believe in me when I start to doubt myself.

Someone who will lovingly grab me by the lapel and remind me that I’m better than the current version of myself.

Someone who will tell me the truth about myself because she loves me.

Someone who will lock elbows with me, enter the valley of humility together and see what lies on the other side.

That’s what shifts my heart from callous resignation to compassionate surrender.

Once you stop believing in yourself, whom will you ask to join your journey?

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