Whom have you allowed to set up shop in your consciousness?

Protecting your mind

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There’s no chemical substitute for enthusiasm and passion and commitment. Those character traits will take you farther than almost any other arrow in your professional quiver.

The challenge is making sure your positive energy isn’t negatively exploited. Because the moment you start to telegraph neediness, people will take advantage of your desperation. They’ll find out that you’re a fanatic for the work, get you deeply engaged so they can pay you less and you won’t quit, steal all your hungry youth juice for their own selfish business interests, and then send you back out into the world to get your heart broken.

But hey, look at the bright side. At least you got to work all weekend for nothing but free pizza.

And so, passion is a double edged sword. On one hand, you should always give yourself permission to become carried away by your own enthusiasm. On the other hand, you should guard yourself against others who want to hitch a ride on your passion train without paying the proper toll.

Otherwise you’ll arrive at your destination and realize that you’ve sacrificed your life by spending too much time being somebody else’s dream machine.

Whom have you allowed to set up shop in your consciousness?

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Scott Ginsberg
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