Will you show up for a good time, or for a long time?

The surest path to greatness is not going away

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Quarter horses are strong, muscular and beautiful.

They excel at sprinting short distances, crushing the competition in races of a quarter mile or less, often reaching speeds of more than fifty miles an hour.

If you’ve ever gone to the tracks before, they’re breathtaking to watch. No wonder they earn tens of millions of dollars for their owners every year. Hell, quarter horses invented the term, right out of the gate, referring to races in which starting gates were used to ensure a fair show.

But let’s not lock the barn door just yet. Because when it comes to traveling extreme distances across country for long periods of time, quarter horses are physiologically inferior.

No matter how strapping they look at the start, they don’t have enough slow twitch muscle fibers to build endurance and resistance to fatigue.

And so, even though you are not a horse, of course, here are a few questions worth asking.

Are you incredible in the short run, but inferior for the long stretch? Is it hard for you to invest in things that take a long time to pay off? Or will your body of work rise above your showmanship?

It all depends on what kind of animal you want to be. The type that makes a ruckus right out of the gate, or the type whose ambition and intensity are sustainable over the long haul.

I recently heard an interview with a famous television director who talked about how he spent two decades running in place, building skills, slugging it out, not knowing if it was ever going to work out.

But of course, it was an investment and a commitment, he laughed, so why wouldn’t it take years and years and years to become successful?

Straight from the horse’s mouth.

Proving, that the surest path to greatness is not going away.

Will you show up for a good time, or for a long time?

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