Without branding, everything takes longer

Greasing the wheels of your business

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Branding is a shortcut.

It’s what helps your business execute smarter, helps your prospects buy faster, and helps your clients return sooner. When you know who you are, everything is easier.

That’s the single best defense for investing significant time and money and energy into building your brand. Because once you do, branding becomes the great catchall. The stone that kills all the organizational birds. The lead domino that helps knock down all the others. The central lever that galvanizes the whole machine.

Without it, everything takes longer.

I have colleagues who are very good at what they do. Their calendars are full, their clients are happy and their bank accounts are healthy. The only problem is, their work has no brand. No hook. No expectation. No intangible asset. No collection of perceptions. No story waiting to be told.

Which doesn’t make their companies any less successful, it’s just that everything’s a schlep. Everything’s an uphill psychological battle, both for the company and the client. Because there’s no shortcut. There’s no brand.

It’d be like trying to drive a car without greasing the wheels. The vehicle might drive, but without lubrication, there’s a lot of grinding and jamming and stressing and clanking under the hood.

That’s what branding is. It’s lubrication. It’s what makes doing business a much smoother ride.

When was the last time you updated your brand identity?

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Scott Ginsberg
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