You can’t sell from an empty wagon.

Give people something to help you with

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Success never comes unassisted.

There are people in the world who will gladly take you under their wing and help you fly to the stars.

Of course, that kind of relationship can only commence under a few conditions.

Internally, you have to let it be okay that you need other people. You have to humble yourself at the feet of those who have already walked the path. You have to make yourself vulnerable to the very real pain of leaving your olds ways of understanding behind, and you have to be open to hearing how your world is going to change as a result.

Externally, you have to make it easy for people to push you forward. Because they can only help you if you give them something to help you with.

When I was writing my first book, every request for help that I made, whether it was for advice or resources or mentoring or networking, was at best politely rejected, and at worst completely ignored.

But once my book was published and real and I could slap it down on the table and let it do the talking for me, suddenly, help started arriving in droves.

Because now people had a handle by which to carry me. The book was the key piece of leverage that made it easy for them to sing my praises.

It’s like my grandfather used to say, you can’t sell from an empty wagon.

And so, if you’re feeling doomed to forever aspire but never achieve, ask yourself how amenable you are to people’s help.

And ask yourself what kind of leverage you can create to give those people something to help you with.

Because nothing makes it harder to move forward toward your goals than chronic vagueness.

Who has already walked the path you’re about to embark on, and what could you put in their hands to help them help you?

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