You’ll never be wealth if money isn’t important to you

Reformatting your financial blueprint

As I’ve admitted many times before, I’d rather be heard than paid. It’s just the way I’m wired. Much more of an artist than a businessperson. And I’ve made peace with that part of myself.

However, as my business continues to grow, I’ve stopped telling myself and others that money isn’t important to me. Because that’s just not true. It’s really just false humility. It’s me overcompensating for the fact that I grew up with money and harbored a lot of guilt around it and never wanted anyone to think I was a spoiled rich kid.

I’m reminded of something my mentor once told me:

You’ll never be wealthy if money isn’t important to you.

He was right. Money may not be my primary motivator, but it can’t mean nothing. And so, what I’ve learned to do is reframe the construct of money into something more aligned with my values and meaning making mission. I view it not as the focus of my work, but as the fuel that allows me to keep doing my work. Money advances my ability to pursue my creative vision and bankrolls my capacity to contribute to the world. Money affords me the opportunity to follow my dreams and inspire others to follow theirs. Money surrounds me with more activity that will inherently increase my opportunity stream. And money buys me discretionary time so that I can pursue my various interests when I’m not working.

Proving, that money doesn’t buy meaning, but it does allow you to spend more of your waking hours pursuing things that procure meaning.

How do you tie the concept of money to your deeply held values?

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