Your overambitious and unrealistic timetable for your project

Burning yourself out immediately

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Everyone wants to motivate themselves, but nobody wants to pace themselves.

And that’s the problem. Our culture is so obsessed with peak performance and optimal behavior and taking massive action, that we overlook the importance of restraint and willpower and proportion.

Instead of thinking long term, we’re just trying to milk more and more gratification from our environment.

Consider the rookie entrepreneur, who enthusiastically plunges into yet another new project, not realizing that his ambition and intensity aren’t sustainable over the long haul. And three weeks into the journey, he’s completely spent. He’s blown his wad on the first lap.

Not a sustainable business model.

It’s similar to crash dieting. You do achieve the goal of losing weight quickly, but in the process, your metabolism plummets, muscle burns off, the sympathetic nervous system weakens and you act like a monster to the people you love.

Again, not sustainable.

If we feel exhausted, it’s probably because we’re fighting against ourselves.

And so, we strike a balance between pushing ourselves and pacing ourselves. We create conditions for our own sustainable happiness, which include patience and proportion.

Most of all, we trust that life is long, that our dreams are resilient, and that they will wait for us as long as they need to.

Is your overambitious and unrealistic timetable for your project’s completion going to burn you out?

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