Your rewards will far outweigh your frustrations

Outlasting the world

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With every dream comes a compendium of discouragements and delays and distractions and depressions and derailments and disappointments.

And in the moment, it feels like you’re constantly taking it in the teeth. But the good news is, if you stay in the game long enough, your rewards will far outweigh your frustrations.

For now, learn to take those things in stride. Calmly accept setbacks as the normal course of events. Set long range goals to help you transcend the immediate situation, set short term goals to help you gain a sense of efficacy through incremental achievement, but live each day as if it was only a matter of time.

Because this is a long arc game. And the winners aren’t necessarily the ones with the most talent, but the ones who refuse to go away. So just keep getting better, and everything else will take care of itself.

Baumeister’s happiness research actually proved that the best prescription for happiness was a slow crescendo of successes, allowing yourself to savor each increment of achievement or improvement in circumstance. Because even if everyone wants to get to the top, he said, if you really want to enjoy it, you should take the stairway rather than the elevator.

That’s the secret. Get good at not going away. See if you can outlast most of the people you hit the starting blocks with. And when the end result doesn’t turn out exactly the way you planned, just remember, better to fall short of realizing your dreams than never to have dreamed at all.

Are you willing to be an incrementalist?

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