Zappos is the shit and here’s why

Building a universe

Each one of us has something called universe creating power.

Zappos pioneered this concept several years ago. Their founder wrote in his book, when you envision, create and believe in your own universe, the universe will form around you.

I’m reminded of my friend who works as a church planter. Paul boldly relocated his family from one hemisphere to another, only knowing two people in his new city, and began building his church from the ground up. But after a few short years, what started out as a dream flourished into a dynamic, growing faith community. His church now has multiple campuses across the city and makes a real difference in thousands of people’s lives across the world. That’s universe creating power.

And what’s exciting is, your universe doesn’t have to be a billion apparel dollar company or a multi property church system. Size is irrelevant. The word universe simply means, to turn into one. Our challenge, then, is to ask universe building questions.

When clients rent my brain to strategize about their businesses, the first question I require them to ask is always, if everybody did exactly what you said, what would the world look like?

A question like this accomplishes several goals. It enables people to act as if the desired changed already occurred. It helps people imagine what they need to become in order for their goals to manifest. It empowers people to speak from the future, then look back to identify the steps that led there. And it inspires people to paint a compelling, detailed picture of the desired future and make meaningful strides toward it.

If everybody did exactly what you said, what would the world look like?

That’s universe creating power. Ignite a great blaze in your soul, and the right people will come to warm their hands by your fire.

What questions do you need to ask to build your own universe on your own terms?

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